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How to thesis | LaTeX template | Figures, tables, and equations

In this post, I provide LaTeX templates for figures, tables, and equations by sharing contents from a few chapters of my Ph.D. thesis. 

Template for a figure, group of figures, figures using subfloat, tables, and equations are provided below!

at my phd graduation how to phd oindree banerjee
At graduation - with my advisor and PhD sibling!

How to thesis: Free LaTeX template and note on Overleaf

While writing your Ph.D. thesis, the last thing you want to worry about is - the writing part! 

You are doing a million things - finishing your projects, training the new grad student(s), looking for a job, maybe teaching..!

You are not about to lose your mind. You have lost it a while ago. 

Fighting with LaTeX cannot be your problem right now. 

I more than understand. So, I share in this post my LaTeX thesis template for you to grab and start using.

An example of text using LaTeX showing Chapter 1 Exciting astrophysics happen far, far away

How to finish your PhD and graduate in a timely manner

So you started a Ph.D. Great! You are doing lots of research, or maybe you are burned out. Either is understandable. Maybe your a...