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Story of a terrible phone screen and the mistake on a cover letter that you cannot afford

I share the cover letter I wrote for a job where I got the phone screen, had a terrible experience and did not get the job.

Although not directly related to the terrible experience, I point out the mistake in my cover letter that I have since learned to avoid at all cost.

Waiting for my flight to Antarctica
I don't have too many pics where I look sad - here, my flight to Antarctica was delayed!

How to write a research statement for a postdoc fellowship

In this post, I share the research statement I wrote to become a finalist in a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship competition. 

At the time of the application, I did not have any main-author papers published yet but some in the pipeline.

View of San Francisco from Alcatraz How to PhD Oindree Banerjee
San Francisco viewed from Alcatraz - cuz why not

Cover letter that led to postdoc interview at MIT

Sending out postdoc applications and some of them require a cover letter?

Been there. I will keep it real as always and share with you the cover letter I wrote for a postdoc application at MIT - where I got the interview and had loads of fun visiting!

mirror selfie at the hotel before the interview at MIT oindree banerjee how to phd cover letter mit
Mirror selfie at the hotel before my interview. It was February and I was COLD in just that jacket. Don't take Boston lightly. Everrrr.

How to finish your PhD and graduate in a timely manner

So you started a Ph.D. Great! You are doing lots of research, or maybe you are burned out. Either is understandable. Maybe your a...