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How to fight demoralization in graduate school

At some point in graduate school, it is not the work that is the hardest part. Not anymore.

The hardest part is to keep going even though extremely demoralizing forces are at work.

Fighting demoralization can be as simple as taking a nap, going for a rejuvenating walk, talking to your family and friends, eating good food. The important thing is to have a plan so you can beat it.
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Dear workaholic | Work-life balance | Learn from Libra

Dear workaholic, this post is for you. 

I have timed it with the month of October - the month of Librans.

Learning to not take criticism personally

Learning to not take criticism personally is one of the most liberating and productive things you can do for yourself and your career.

In grad school, I learned how to take criticism for what it is.

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How much crying is normal?

I saw this question on Reddit under the GradSchool subreddit. 

How much crying is normal?

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7 reasons why TA-ing is good for you

Worried that TA-ing will set you back in classes and/or research? Disappointed about not getting that department fellowship? 

Don't worry, be happy! 

TA-ing will make you a BETTER, not worse, graduate student. You will be MORE successful, not less. 

Here are 7 reasons why: 

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How to finish your PhD and graduate in a timely manner

So you started a Ph.D. Great! You are doing lots of research, or maybe you are burned out. Either is understandable. Maybe your a...