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Dear workaholic, this post is for you. 

I have timed it with the month of October - the month of Librans.

The zodiac sign Libra is all about balance (I think)


Balance is hard for a workaholic.

People say "workaholic" like it's a good thing.

Maybe, to some extent.

As a workaholic, I am not sure it's super healthy.

Workaholics are addicted to work.

No addiction, ultimately, is good for you.

Workaholics live to work.

If only we worked to live. But no. We live to work. 

Work is everything.

Work comes first.

Work is my religion.

There is nothing more important.

I LOVE work.

What I do is who I am.

Work is my identity.

When work is going well, I am happy. 

When work is not going well, I am unhappy.

See how that is a problem?


But work.

I just need this one work thing to work out and then I will be fine.

And this goes on.

Again, no addiction is good for you.

Not even a work addiction.

We need balance.

Think of it this way:

Balancing work with non-work may just help you work!

This thought really helped me in graduate school.

(Yes, it's a bit messed up) 

I realized that I performed BETTER when I had more balance in life. 

When I balanced work with other life-things.

Such as, taking care of myself by, say, going swimming.

When I took a break from working, I was able to get back to work and do a better job. 

How cool is that?

And still, from time to time, I slipped. 

I forgot.

I worked without breaking and ended up sick or suffering.

I would work all day, go home, and work more. 

That allowed no time to relax or wind down and no surprises, I would not be able to fall asleep.

Even if I slept, I would dream or semi-dream about work.

It's this weird state of being where I am working literally 24/7. 

Grad school does not exactly always encourage a healthy lifestyle.

But, you still have to do it. Take breaks and stop working.

Each day, make sure to NOT work part of the day.

Or you will have bigger problems, trust me.

You and only you are responsible.

If you are sick and can't work, that's your responsibility.

So, take care of yourself so you CAN work.

(And be healthy)

Of course, if you are not addicted to work, you don't need to be told to take a break and be "normal."

But in grad school or academia, "normal" often looks like a workaholic. 

Therefore, you must be extra careful.

Make a routine that makes you take time off every day.

You have to sincerely take time off.

You really can't be plugged in or on call.

This is why I liked swimming.

I'd leave my phone in the locker and I literally can't work when I am in the water.

It's not like having a TV show on while you are on your computer running a job or answering emails.

Or on the exercise bike reading a paper.

That does not count!

No cheating!

I know what you/we workaholics are capable of!

Don't trick yourself out of taking time off each day.



By the way, happy birthday, Librans!

Leave me a message below.


Fellow workaholic Libran

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  1. Thanks for your supportive statements it seems trivial but it's crucial as it looks to me!


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