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Welcome to How to PhD | New reader orientation | Thanks for being here!

Welcome to How to PhD! I am so excited to see you here!

In this post, I will quickly go over the How to PhD website so you know what is available to you.

Plus, I will catch you up on the content that has been posted already!

By the Colorado river for blog How to PhD
By the Colorado river :) I 💙 water and rocks

If this is your first time on How to PhD: 

A big welcome to you! 💛

Returning readers, much love and thank you so much for your support!!! 💗

I am Oindree. I recently finished my PhD in particle astrophysics from Ohio State University.

Doing a PhD can be very isolating.

How to PhD exists to let you know that you are not alone!

My goal is to provide community, support, and actionable steps to help PhD students succeed in their programs.

Together, we can overcome the challenges of academia!

My readers 💜

So far, 4 groups of people have found the contents of How to PhD useful: 

  • PhD students
  • College students interested in PhD programs
  • Postdocs interested in transitioning out of academia and into industry 
  • Industry professionals

Do you belong to one of these groups? Let me know which one in a comment below!

But also, all are welcome! You don't have to belong to or identify with any group at all :) just say hi!

Reach out any time!

I am thrilled to hear from you at any time about ANY academia or career-related issue!

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This would be super helpful to other readers.

Your comments can start a conversation and add a lot of value to readers who are going through the same thing.

There is always an option to comment anonymously if you'd prefer that. 

There is also a message box at the bottom of the page on this site that you can use to send me any comments or questions!

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Posts addressing your questions

I regularly dedicate a full post to address a specific question that someone asked.

Here's a post in response to a question a college student asked:

How much do graduate students get paid as stipend?

And, a post after a question a grad student asked:

How much crying is normal?

Don't hesitate to reach out and ask your question!

Social media

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Examples of labels:


industry training

advisor problems 

grad school applications

postdoc applications

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Of course, subscription to How to PhD is totally free!

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You will NEVER be asked to pay to view a full page or anything like that.

Popular posts!

I have compiled some popular posts for you to get started!

How to finish your PhD and graduate in a timely manner

How to thesis | LaTeX template | Figures, tables, and equations

Why adding value is the best thing to do | Giving mode | Job search | Networking

How to break up with your advisor

Once again, welcome to How to PhD and I am thrilled to have you here!

Please post below to say hi, introduce yourself, comment and/or ask a question!


  1. Hola Oindree!
    I am Nafis. I am a graduate student at IFIC, Valencia as a part of the KM3NeT experiment. I recently came across your blog and found it very interesting. I will surely write to you with subtle questions about neutrino astronomy/astrophysics.

    1. Hi Nafis! That's so cool!! KM3NeT - amazing! I worked on ANITA, we are on sort of cousin experiments!
      Thanks for reading my blog - feel free to comment anytime on anything!
      Look forward to hearing from you again!


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