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LaTeX resume template | One-page resume | PhD resume

I provide a one-page resume template in this post.

In LaTeX!

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I gave up on Word for resumes a long time ago.

It's a very liberating experience.

The LaTeX template for the resume is at the end of this post.

If you are not familiar with LaTeX, don't be afraid to give it a shot.

Of course, you can take the one-page resume template below and turn it into a two-page if you wish.

resume one page pdf template oindree banerjee how to phd
My resume

I had trouble believing how bare-bones the resume had to be but I made myself do it. 

No, I don't hide the fact that I have a Ph.D. - I leverage it. 

Hopefully, by sharing my resume I will convince you to keep yours simple.

By sharing my LaTeX code below, I hope to make the technical part of preparing the resume easier in case you have not used LaTeX before.

The template will show you examples of how the formatting is done.

Take it and go nuts.

What you need is a LaTeX editor.

So, get that first. You will probably need to download one.

I use TeXShop. It's free.

You can copy the lines from the LaTeX template and paste them into a new document in the LaTeX editor. 

And then compile the code which on TeXShop is as simple as hitting the "Typeset" button. 

latex resume one page how to phd consulting oindree banerjee

Tell me how it goes in the comments below.

**************LaTeX template*************


\addtolength{\topmargin}{ -0.5in}
\addtolength{\textwidth}{ 1.75in}
\addtolength{\textheight}{ 0.16in}
\addtolength{\oddsidemargin}{ -0.875in}
\addtolength{\evensidemargin}{ 0.875in}


\hbox{$\sim$}} \kern-.3em \raise.4ex \hbox{$<$}}}}


{\Huge \bf Oindree Banerjee}

Street Address\\
Dublin, OH 43016\\} 
\rhead{ \\
(614) ***-**** \\


\section* {OBJECTIVE}

To leverage 5+ years of research experience to solve critical technical problems. 

\section* {EDUCATION}
{\bf Ph.D. Physics}, {\it Ohio State University}, Columbus OH, USA \hfill Aug 2018
%\item Concentration: Particle Astrophysics %$\vert$ GPA: 3.390
\item Detection of neutrinos with radio waves 
%using the Antarctic ice 
%as the interaction medium 
in a NASA-sponsored balloon experiment in Antarctica
{\bf B.S. Physics}, {\it North Carolina State University}, Raleigh NC, USA \hfill May 2013
%\item Physics Honors program %$\vert$ GPA: 3.768
\item Summa Cum Laude


\subsection* {Ohio State University \hfill Columbus, OH} 

\subsubsection* { {\large \it Graduate Research/Teaching Associate} \hfill Aug 2013 - Present}

\item First analysis to search for neutrinos from Gamma Ray Burst afterglows - \href{}{thesis summary}\\
Designed and developed techniques and co-authored NSF research grant proposal
\item Study of the potential of detection of new particles - \href{}{arXiv:1807.08892}\\
Performed checks and validation, wrote simulations to model new physics interactions
\item Analysis to search for a diffuse flux of ultra-high-energy neutrinos - \href{}{arXiv:1803.02719}\\
Developed new analysis technique focused on radio noise reduction and increased searchable ice area by 68\%
\item New electronics that tripled the livetime of the experiment - \href{}{arXiv:1709.04536}\\
Led construction, testing and commissioning of electronics, and served as commander in charge of realtime radio noise mitigation which proved critical for success of Antarctic mission

\subsection* {North Carolina State University \hfill Raleigh, NC} 

\subsubsection* { {\large \it Undergraduate Researcher} \hfill Jan 2010 - May 2013}

\item {Award-winning researcher of analytical chemistry and nuclear astrophysics topics \& Lab Safety Officer}


{\bf Technical skills}: Linear algebra, calculus, statistics, time \& frequency domain analysis\\
{\bf Coding}: C/C++, Python, ROOT, R, MATLAB, FORTRAN, Bash/Shell\\
{\bf Framework}: Windows/UNIX/OSX\\
{\bf Programs}: Microsoft Office Suite, LaTeX, Arduino/Energia software\\
{\bf Service award}: Antarctica Service Medal for 2-month deployment\\
{\bf Research award}: Cosmoparticle award for collaborative visit to University College London\\
{\bf Outreach}: Arduino Project Leader - ASPIRE science camp for high school women\\



  1. Hi Oindree, thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful template. I am working on to prepare a template for myself, this will work as a very good reference.

    1. Great to know, thanks for the comment!! Best, Oindree


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