What next list compiled for summer science camp graduates

Interested in community outreach?

In this post, I share materials from an outreach effort that I have been part of for some years.

ASPIRE is a science workshop for high school women.

At the end of the camp, we like to address the question:

What next?
picture of recommended books including particle physics by griffiths and others for blog how to phd

How to thesis: Free LaTeX template and note on Overleaf

While writing your Ph.D. thesis, the last thing you want to worry about is - the writing part! 

You are doing a million things - finishing your projects, training the new grad student(s), looking for a job, maybe teaching..!

You are not about to lose your mind. You have lost it a while ago. 

Fighting with LaTeX cannot be your problem right now. 

I more than understand. So, I share in this post my LaTeX thesis template for you to grab and start using.

An example of text using LaTeX showing Chapter 1 Exciting astrophysics happen far, far away

Summary of my PhD thesis and link to the full text

I am happy to report that I finished my Ph.D. a few days ago! My defense is done and the thesis submitted. 

So now I have a final draft of the thesis and share the short version/conclusions as well as a link to the full text in this post. 

Picture of Ob Hill in McMurdo, Antarctica. Taken during hikes in Antarctica where I was working on the experiment for my PhD.
I climbed Ob Hill (Antarctica) a few times during my Ph.D. so here is a glimpse of that

How to successfully defend your PhD thesis

A Ph.D. defense is one of those things that one can never feel prepared enough for because usually, it is the first time one is doing it! 
I go over mine here, having successfully defended my doctoral thesis in particle astrophysics a little over 48 hours ago.

Title slide of my defense talk. It says Studies in particle astrophysics with the ANITA experiment. Shows my name Oindree Banerjee, school name Ohio State University, the date July 12 2018

How to finish your PhD and graduate in a timely manner

So you started a Ph.D. Great! You are doing lots of research, or maybe you are burned out. Either is understandable. Maybe your a...