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Why is the sky red at dusk?

Why is the sky red at dusk?

Dusk is my favorite time of the day.

I took this picture during a bike ride one day.

red sky at dusk how to phd blog

The sky is blue during a clear, sunny day. 

This has to do with how light is scattered off of atoms and molecules in our atmosphere. 

Sunlight is made up of different wavelengths (colors) of light. 

You can test this by holding a prism up and passing sunlight through it. 

You will see the different wavelengths from violet to red. 

This is also how we get a rainbow after a rainfall where water droplets in the atmosphere can act as a prism. 

Atoms and molecules in the atmosphere scatter light of different wavelengths differently. 

The blue wavelength is scattered more than the red.

So a clear, sunny day has a blue sky.

During the sunset, however, we see different colors like orange, pink and red. 

Atoms and molecules in the atmosphere are still scattering light but now we have moved further away from the Sun as the Earth rotates.

Some of the blue light gets scattered away and the red and orange light reaches our eyes.

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Enjoy the sunset (and the sunrise if you are a morning person)! 

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Dusk how to phd

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