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Shopping at Home Depot with and without a white male

Two days ago I bought some rug at Home Depot. 30 by 12 feet of Ocean Blue rug, to be exact. Then realized that I needed more so I went back today to get more of the exact same rug. 

The only difference was two days ago, I was accompanied by a white male and today I went by myself. So, naturally, everything went to sh*t. 

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How to fight demoralization in graduate school

At some point in graduate school, it is not the work that is the hardest part. Not anymore.

The hardest part is to keep going even though extremely demoralizing forces are at work.

Fighting demoralization can be as simple as taking a nap, going for a rejuvenating walk, talking to your family and friends, eating good food. The important thing is to have a plan so you can beat it.
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How to avoid student loans

Are you or your kid thinking about going to college? This post is for you. 

How to avoid student loans blog post picture on How to PhD author Oindree Banerjee
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How to paper | Journal publication | LaTeX template

In this post, I share a LaTeX template for a journal publication.

The template is from a paper I wrote as the corresponding author for the journal Nuclear Instruments and Methods.

how to phd latex template paper journal publication

What skills do I need to become a consultant?

I recently transitioned from academia to industry. I was a Ph.D. student in particle astrophysics and now I am a senior consultant.

I am really enjoying being in industry and would like to address this question that I have been asked by Ph.D. students and postdocs:

What skills do I need to become a consultant?

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Dear workaholic | Work-life balance | Learn from Libra

Dear workaholic, this post is for you. 

I have timed it with the month of October - the month of Librans.

Getting into graduate school | How many and which schools I applied to | Dealing with rejection

Applying to graduate schools is an exercise in several things: paying tons of application fees, playing the waiting game, and dealing with rejection.

For who knows what reason, schools will reject you but the great thing is you only need to get into one!

I share the story of my grad school applications in this post.

Special hot chocholate
When you get rejected, there is always hot chocolate 💛 When will extra whipped cream come in handy?  

Thinking of your PhD as the business you cannot allow to fail

Every Ph.D. candidate thinks about quitting. It's OK. 

What helped me finish mine was to act like a business owner. 

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My academic journey through Taylor Swift songs | Just for fun | Goodbye, academia

I was 11 when I decided that I wanted to be a physicist. 

I learned that rest and motion were relative and that the grand unified theory still needed a lot of help.

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Welcome to How to PhD | New reader orientation | Thanks for being here!

Welcome to How to PhD! I am so excited to see you here!

In this post, I will quickly go over the How to PhD website so you know what is available to you.

Plus, I will catch you up on the content that has been posted already!

By the Colorado river for blog How to PhD
By the Colorado river :) I 💙 water and rocks

How to add value when sending a LinkedIn connection request | Networking | Job search

Need a job? You have probably heard that it's all about who you know. 

Let's make you more friends on LinkedIn!

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What is particle astrophysics?

Particle astrophysics is astrophysics studied with particles other than light.

When it comes to traveling the largest cosmic distances at the highest energies, light is not the most reliable messenger of astrophysics.

astrophysical messengers
Astrophysical messengers. Pictures are all borrowed from Fermi, IceCube and LIGO collaborations, and the Internet.

Why adding value is the best thing to do | Giving mode | Job search | Networking

Everyone who is anyone will tell you to add value first when job searching and networking.

The idea is that you reach out to people and instead of asking them to do things for you, you add value to their lives. 

visiting Colorado blog how to phd
This is in Colorado! I 💜 mountains

Story of a terrible phone screen and the mistake on a cover letter that you cannot afford

I share the cover letter I wrote for a job where I got the phone screen, had a terrible experience and did not get the job.

Although not directly related to the terrible experience, I point out the mistake in my cover letter that I have since learned to avoid at all cost.

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Learning to not take criticism personally

Learning to not take criticism personally is one of the most liberating and productive things you can do for yourself and your career.

In grad school, I learned how to take criticism for what it is.

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How to finish your PhD and graduate in a timely manner

So you started a Ph.D. Great! You are doing lots of research, or maybe you are burned out. Either is understandable. Maybe your a...