I work on a Particle Astrophysics experiment called ANITA. 

It stands for ANtarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna.

anita before launch oindree banerjee
ANITA before launch

It is the world's ONLY detector searching for neutrinos of ultra-high energies above EeV!

ANITA is a NASA-sponsored long-duration balloon experiment that we go to Antarctica to launch!

The detector hangs from a gigantic balloon and flies over the continent of Antarctica in circular orbits, using the polar vortex, at about a 40 km altitude. 

There have been 4 flights of ANITA so far.

Close-up of the ANITA detector

My favorite motivation for doing this project is two-fold: 

Astrophysics: I want to learn about Nature's most powerful accelerators such as Gamma Ray Bursts through detection of ultra-high-energy neutrinos produced by them. 

Particle physics: I want to learn about new physics by measuring particle physics interactions at energies and in ways that have never been probed before!

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