4 ways to help you decide which graduate school to choose

Got into multiple graduate schools and can't decide which one to go to? 

Congratulations!! That's a great problem to have.

Here are 4 ways to help you choose a grad school!

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Answers to 8 FAQs about doing graduate school applications

Determined to go to graduate school, but not looking forward to all those graduate school applications you have to work on?

Here are answers to 8 FAQs about doing grad school applications, plus an example SOP!

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7 reasons why TA-ing is good for you

Worried that TA-ing will set you back in classes and/or research? Disappointed about not getting that department fellowship? 

Don't worry, be happy! 

TA-ing will make you a BETTER, not worse, graduate student. You will be MORE successful, not less. 

Here are 7 reasons why: 

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10 tips on giving a great talk

Getting ready to give your first talk? Or just looking to improve your game a bit? I have compiled 10 tips in this post :)

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31 things to pack for your Antarctic expedition

Does your Ph.D. involve an expedition to Antarctica? Mine did. Or, maybe you are just curious. 

I share 31 items to pack if you have to take a trip to the bottom of the planet, along with tips on the essentials for the trip and a very important note on hikes that could save your life!

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How to break up with your advisor

Feeling unhappy and lost? It might be time to break up with your advisor and go back to dating! 

A Ph.D. is a long-term commitment (longer than many marriages), you might need to date for a bit to understand what works for you. 

Which is totally fine, I promise, as long as you follow ONE golden rule:

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How to succeed in the PhD candidacy exam

Worrying about your Ph.D. candidacy exam (prelim)? 

Been there, and here to help! 

I will cover everything from what is candidacy and what a first-year grad student should focus on, to what to do on the day of your oral exam.

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Establishing a diverse and inclusive workplace

I attended the panel discussion on "Best Practices for Establishing a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace" at the American Physical...